Why Should People Wear a Watch Over a Smartphone?

Smartphones have dominated much of our lives at this point in time in that we rely so much on these mobile devices to do pretty much anything that we want.

We use it to surf the internet, watch video content, play our favorite games, use mobile applications for productivity purposes, and people even use it to tell the time as well.

Although it can most certainly tell the time, I would argue that having a casual watch in Malaysia is still better in telling the time than your digital device.

Today, I am going to go over some of the advantages of wearing a watch over using a smartphone.

It Allows You to Know the Status of the Person You Come Across With

One of the major advantages of wearing a watch over using a smartphone is that you can actually somehow know the status of the person you come across just by looking at their preferred timepiece.

For instance, one of your office mates might be wearing a Grand Seiko watch and your boss might be wearing an Omega Seamaster or something more prominent.

Just by looking at the watches, you not only discern the person’s financial status but it can also help tell you their preferences as well.

There are some people that prefer simpler watches while some would want a timepiece that has all of the bells and whistles. So really, just by looking at the watch that a person wears, it pretty much tells you a lot about them even if you are not directly asking them any questions about themselves.

They Are Great Gifts

Another advantage of watches is that they can be considered as great gifts. For instance, you could gift your daughter a Cartier watch for her graduation and they may wear them for the years to come. Give them a smartphone and they may want to have an upgrade at the same time next year.

They Last a Long Time

Watches are more intricately made than smartphones, especially when it comes to their durability and longevity. For the most part, smartphones are made of components that will just go obsolete in a couple of years, but watches do not have that.

If anything, all of its components work for a very long time and all you really need to do is to have it serviced every now and then to make sure that it still operates in top shape.

They Cannot Be Easily Lost

Since you are wearing a wristwatch for pretty much all of the time that you are heading out, you will unlikely lose your timepiece because they are snugly put on your wrist. I’ve had many encounters where I see people just leaving their phones behind because they forgot or they were just in a hurry to get all of the things with them.

You Can Get Them at Any Budget

Almost all quality timepieces can be acquired no matter your budget is. For instance, I bought my Casio digital watch for just $20 and it has been quite popular because it is sturdy and pretty accurate.

Have you ever seen a smartphone that costs the same? No? That’s what I think so too!

They Increase in Value

Buy a watch today (a rather good one at that) and hold it for a couple of decades and sell it when you are old. I am sure that you will be given hundreds of thousands of dollars for that. If you sell an old smartphone? You might just end up giving it for free.

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