What Should a Luxury Kit Contain?

Ofcourse there is art for everything and apparently there is an art for shaving too. If you are a
beginner to this, here is a list of what every luxury shaving kit should have.

Shaving Razor

This is a basic need for every man to clean your beard or facial hair on your skin. There are a few
types of shaving razor which includes electric razors, disposable razors and straight razors. One of the best razors that provide a nice and smooth shave is Gillette Mach3 Turbo Men's Razor which is suitable for beginners. Just be sure to use the razor without getting razor bumps.

Shaving Brushing

The next thing you need is a shaving brush. The benefits of using shaving brush before shaving your face is that it will lift your facial hair and it requires less pressure when using the shaving razor later. Although the best shaving brush is always made out from natural materials such as from the underbelly of a badger, there is also some company that produced shaving brush made out of synthetic materials. Just a heads up, do not confuse your shaving brush with your wife’s makeup brush.

Shaving Kit Holder

While this is not necessary for your shaving kit, this holder will definitely make it easier for your
kit storage and it will look decent enough to showcase you shaving kit in your bathroom. However, there is a drawback for this as you must check carefully for the material of the holder as it will be better to buy the stainless steel holder instead of opting for the plastic holder.

Lathering Product

There are many types of lathering product for you and this includes shaving cream, gel or soap.
You need to try out a few lathering products before you decide which product is the right one for
you. In order to get the best possible wet shaving, it is best for you to learn a few techniques on
how to properly lather up you lathering product.


Finally, an aftershave is a liquid product for your skin after finishing the shaving. It is important
to use an aftershave because firstly, it will help in clearing out your pores or any bacteria that was dangling around the shaving razor. Secondly, by using an aftershave it will help in healing your skin faster from the skin irritation. There are a bunch of types of aftershave including liquid
and cream.