Types Of Manga Genres To Read

When we think of genres, we typically think of categories with shared tropes, storytelling modes, and goals. The horror genre attempts to frighten you. The fantasy genre will almost certainly include some form of magic. A romance novel should revolve around two people who fall in love and find their happily ever after. Those genres can also be found in manga. Horror manga, fantasy manga, and romance manga are all available. However, and this is an important point, the manga industry does not discuss genres in this manner. Those are more akin to subgenres. Instead, the main target demographic determines the types of manga genres. You can also check out here if you like to read solo levelling manga online malaysia.

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So, let’s begin with the types of manga genres that you can read:

  1. Shonen
  • A manga beginner’s guide must begin with this genre. Many of the English-language series fall into this category. Shonen manga is aimed at adolescent boys. It’s a genre that’s similar to YA. While there are exceptions, shonen manga usually features a lot of action and male protagonists who are trying to get stronger in some way. This is also where you’ll find a lot of found families and squads of close friends. For example, shonen manga enjoys emphasising the bonds formed by a group of people embarking on a quest together, or the camaraderie that develops among the teammates of a struggling sports team vying to win the tournament. 
  • Examples of shonen genres manga you can read are Dragon Ball, My Hero Academia, and a Silent Voice.


  1. Shojo
  • Shojo manga is aimed at teenage girls, whereas shonen manga is aimed at teenage boys. There is a common misconception that shojo manga is synonymous with romance, which is untrue. There are some notable love stories in shonen manga. Remember that manga genres are usually associated with a specific target demographic, and those target demographics have diverse tastes because readers are diverse. Nothing more, nothing less. Looking at shojo manga as a whole, I’d say the exploration of relationships, sometimes romantic but not always, and the emotions associated with those relationships is a common theme.
  • Examples of shojo manga to read are Fruits Basket, A Devil and Her Love song and Revolutionary Girl.

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  1. Seinen
  • Seinen manga is aimed at men in their twenties and older. It’s comparable to adult fiction. The storylines and thematic treatment are generally more mature than in shonen manga. This is how I like to think about the distinction. If shonen is filled with hope and promise for the future, seinen is filled with cynicism and pragmatism.
  • Examples of seinen manga that you can read are Lone Wolf and Cub, Space Brothers and Solanin.

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  1. Josei
  • Josei is the feminine counterpart to seinen. Unlike the previous three types of manga, there is a wide range of subject matter and themes, making it more difficult to identify common traits outside of the target audience. Josei, like seinen, has more mature storytelling and more franker depictions of relationships and situations.
  • Examples of josei manga that you can read are Karneval, Nana and Princess Jellyfish.

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