The Different Casino Chip Color Variations That You Should Know About

Color of Casino Chip

Have you ever seen movies where gambling tables are prominent and are showcased with all of those different colored chips? You’re probably wondering why chips are always color coded. Well, the reason is simple: every colored chip represents an actual dollar value.

Since most casinos as well as the live22 malaysia do not give you the ability to trade real money on the table, you can only trade using chips. For instance, if you want to trade a total $1,000, you will be given corresponding chips that will total the value you’ve put on the table.

The people who are going to give you the right chips are known as the “cage managers” and they will give you the right chips for the job.

Do note that not all casinos have the same color chips that represent the same dollar value. That is because the color coding mechanism is not standardized, so it is actually at the casino’s discretion which color they want to use on their games.

The Different Casino Chip Color Variations That You Should Know AboutIn Nevada, where casinos started, you will usually see a lot of red chips that have a denote a $5 denomination. Other chip colors are used to denote $1 values and these colors can range anywhere between yellow, blue, gray, and even black. Again, despite these colors being the “norm”, there is no law that standardizes all of these chips. If you are going to put up your own casino, for example, you can easily create your own chips using many different colors if you please.

Aside from the usual color combinations and its value, larger denominations usually have their own unique color. For example, I have seen chips that has a denomination of $1,000 and its color is a combination of black and gold.

Why Problems Exist

The problem with non-standardization of these colors is that there are casinos that are bound to have problems with other owners.

In the 90s, one particular casino in Las Vegas had a black-color chip that has a $1 denomination. There is no problem with that, per se, but other casinos use the same color for the $1,000 denomination. Thus, the problems arose.

The main reason why people use different colored chips was to make the lives of the dealers. By using the same colors with the ones that matching the color of the table, the dealer could easily pinpoint the exact amount that is on the table.

Roulette Chips

There are some casinos that opt to use the same color as the ones used on their other games. However, there are also some that would choose to use another set, just to make things easier for both the dealers and the players.

The Different Casino Chip Color Variations That You Should Know AboutRemember, the idea of using different colored chips was to help people know exactly how much money is being dealt with as they are a representation of a dollar amount.

So the next time you go out there and play games at a casino, now you know why they are of different colors.