The Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Shopping

The rapid growth of technology has transformed the business world throughout the years. Buying and selling used to take place in shops, malls, markets and many more places that you can think of. Today, we can see that business organizations have taken their business online and you can almost buy anything with a click of a mouse or a tap on your smartphone screen. It is literally as simple as that. Many eCommerce platforms have grown into global businesses that are taking over the world. In order to compete with their competitors , businesses have to build their online presence by setting up their social media accounts and website through the services of a web design company malaysia.

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The advantages of online shopping

The main reason people shop online is because of the convenience it offers. Consumers can purchase items such as clothing, electrical appliances, furniture, books and even groceries from the comfort of their own homes. You don’t have to wait in line to pay for the items that you want to purchase. This benefits people who are very busy with work and can’t find the time to go shop for their needs.

Another advantage of online shopping is that you can have a variety of choices even when it comes down to just one product. There are plenty of options you can find online because you are not limited to just one store as compared to conventional shopping. Besides that, before deciding on which online store you want to purchase from, you can also compare prices that the sellers offer by doing a little research online and finding reviews by customers regarding the services of a business.

Other than that, there is no pressure buying things that you don’t really want. Usually, when we’re out shopping, shopkeepers or salespeople will use their selling skills to persuade us into buying unnecessary items. 

The Disadvantages of Online Shopping

However, there are disadvantages of shopping online too. For example, when you are buying clothes online, you cannot try them on like how you do in fitting rooms when you are in an actual store. Oftentimes, many buyers will return their item to sellers because the products that they get doesn’t fit. The return and replacement process can also be a troublesome process to go through depending on how responsive the seller is. It is also difficult while purchasing certain products, because you don’t have immediate sales assistance, especially when you have an inquiry to make.

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Another problem that online shoppers face and get frustrated with is the delay of the product delivery. This problem occurs even with the biggest eCommerce companies. In some cases, products can be delivered to the wrong address, detoured, or even damaged due to inefficiency in inventory management by the shipping company. 

On top of that, there is a risk of fraud while shopping online. For instance, your credit card details can be stolen by hackers and misused if your online security is not strong enough. You could also get scammed if you’re buying from dishonest sellers.

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