Successful People Who Overcame Gambling Addiction

When we talk about gambling, I believe that those people who have serious gambling addiction are because they view gambling as entertainment. Entertainment is something that we are pleased for and the source of our joy. That is why gambling is such a bad entertainment. When you are doing something that you love consistently, you will become addicted to it although it is not something good.


Once you are addicted to gambling, it is hard for you to make a u-turn. Why? The answer would be the rampant of online sport betting on the internet. Find out here at top online casino in malaysia. People don’t need to visit the physical casino as it is available online. It would be a great obstacle for the people that want to stop gambling addiction. However, I believed that there is always a way out for people that really have deep intentions to stop gambling. How is it possible? Just look at these few successful people who managed to overcome their gambling addiction.


  • Spencer Christian


As the weatherman of American TV network ABC’s “Good Morning America,” Spencer Christian became a household name but what few knew was that he was living a double life. Away from the TV camera, Christian has battled a serious gambling problem.


Christian’s spent 30 years gambling away his life. Twice he faced insolvency and had his name sprawled through tabloids. Eventually, it was his daughter who forced him to confront his demons. When his daughter decided to get married, she asked her dad to think that he was leading a life for which he wanted to be remembered. Christian was so unhappy with his lifestyle and gambling activities and embarrassed that he walked away from his three-decades-long commitment to gambling.


Spencer Christian now endorses Gamblers Anonymous and similar services and has written a book about his own experience, “You Bet Your Life,” hoping to share his story with others who feel alone because of their gambling habits.


“I hope my story shows that recovery is possible,” stated Christian.


  • Jeremy Kyle


Jeremy Kyle is an English journalist, television presenter, and author. He is probably best known for hosting his 2005 to 2019 gossip talk show “The Jeremy Kyle Show.”


In 2009 Kyle published his first book “I’m Just Being Honest” in which he details his gambling addiction struggles. According to Kyle, he was gambling every day when he was in his early twenties, and he continued to do so even when it was no longer pleasant to him.


He finally managed to face his problem head-on after admitting that he was in debt so far that he owed more money than he brought in. He had played outside his bankroll for too long, chasing his losses until he was no longer in charge of his habits. He was thankfully able to turn it around for Himself, and conquer his addiction to gambling. His show aims to help raise awareness about addiction to gambling, and how addicted people can get the support they need.


  • David Bradford


David Bradford saw his experience struggling with addictions to gambling as an opportunity to support others. At 62, Bradford founded The Safer Online Gambling Group with his son Adam. The non-profit endeavors to raise awareness of online gambling addiction and provide support for gambling addicts.


The Safer Online Gambling Group also aims to work with the government to establish more stringent gambling policies to protect players who are more vulnerable to addiction.


David Bradford was open about the devastating effects his addiction to gambling has had on his life. For 30 years he hid his addiction from his family before he found himself in jail by stealing from his employers to fund his gambling habits.


Despite drowning in debt and seeing his family life fall apart, Bradford succeeded in overcoming his addiction and creating an organization, with the help of his son, that can hopefully prevent someone else from experiencing the same turmoil that he did.


  • Gladys Knight


And Gladys Knight, “The Empress of Spirit” wasn’t immune to gambling temptations. During a 2011 interview with the Los Angeles Times, the American singer, songwriter, journalist, businesswoman, and actress revealed she had battled a gambling addiction.


Knight has shared stories of her challenges, including the time she quickly called Gamblers Anonymous after losing big at a casino. Knight was extremely fortunate that it took her only one meeting over two decades ago to stop her addiction to gambling in his tracks.

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