Other Ways Instead Of Traditonal Sex



When it comes to traditional sex, it is typically done in a bedroom with 2 people, either unprotected or protected sex. Usually, we can call this “vanilla” sex. But do you know that there are some extraordinary methods that people have done during sexual intercourse? So, what are the other options?



  • Traditional sex – Typically done in a bedroom that consist of two people
  • Non- traditional sex – Typically done outside of the normality of traditional sex. For example, Anal sex, BDSM, car-sex, public sex etc


So in this article, we will be giving a few examples of what is non-traditional sex.



What is car sex? Car sex is an act of sexual intercourse that takes place in a car. The downside of car sex is the lack of space and privacy. But, some people like it because it is safe and also fun. Just need to park somewhere that is out of the public eye. There are a few reasons why people engage in car sex.

  • They enjoy the thrill
  • Exciting
  • Refuse to pay for a motel/hotel (possibility)



During sexual intercourse, some sex partners use sex toys to make things more exciting in bed. The reason for this is that with sex toys, there are just more things to do and explore. It is also said that with sex toys, women are able to achieve orgasm easily. Here is the list of examples of sex toys:

  • Dildos
  • Vibrators
  • Butt plugs
  • Fleshlight
  • Cock ring
  • Anal beads
  • Lubricant

With sex toys, people are able to make sex more exciting as creativity is needed a lot for this. To find out more about sex toys or if you want to get yourself some high-quality sex toys. Visit Secret Cherry via the link here: https://secretcherry.co/


Public Sex

The meaning of public sex is an act of sexual intercourse that takes place in public or semi-public places. People can have sex just about anywhere such as the beach, forest, theatre, alley and so on. To note, public sex does not always mean that people perform sexual acts in public. You can also have sex in a private place but it can be viewed in public by having your curtains open or having sex in the backyard. Some people just enjoy the feeling of the possibility of getting caught.



This one on the list is unique compared to the other examples that we have listed. Swingers involved a group of people exchanging couples to have sexual intercourse. As for sex orgy, it involves a group of people having group sex together. The difference between a swingers party and a sex orgy is that swingers parties are meant for couples, whereas else sex orgy is like a “free for all”, mostly for single men and women to be in. 



In conclusion, these are some examples of non-conventional sex. In fact, there are still many examples of it. If you like to find out more, you can do your own research.

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