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Gambling has always been depicted on either side of the spectrum. It is either portrayed as an immoral and reprehensible act, one that destroys families and burns through people’s life long savings, or as a glamorous activity that requires skills, wit, and charm. However, gambling is never showcased in its true form, a source of entertainment meant to be enjoyed by everyone. MYSLOTKING is a trusted site for playing online slots in Malaysia

online slots in Malaysia

While compulsive gamling is a disease, given how addiction has a genetic component, an occasional hand does not harm any one. In fact, there have been times when gambling has saved failing ventures. Not the proverbial gambling that refers to taking a risk, but actual gambling. Frederick W. Smith, the founder and then CEO of FedEx, once managed to save his company from bankruptcy and subsequent closure by using the company’s last 5000 dollars in Blackjack. He turned the 5000 dollar bid into 2700 dollars and used 2400 dollars from the winnings to pay off the company’s fuel bills. It allowed the company to remain afloat for one more week and gave him just enough time to secure a loan. 


Besides the positive socio economic impact of gambling, increased employment in the form of dealers, waiters, bartenders, security, and floor manager among others, the entertainment form also has a number of health benefits. 

  • Increased Serotonin Levels. 

A behavior analysis and therapy program at university of Southern Illinois conducted a study related to the secretion of serotonin, the hormone related with happiness, based on the hobbies of the subjects. It found that people who gambled occasionally and as a hobby were significantly happier than those who did not gamble. The study showed clear spikes in the subjects’ moods when they engaged in gambling. 

online slots in Malaysia

  • Improvement of Skills. 

Gambling allows the players to pick a set of new skills while polishing their existing skills. Gambling teaches its players to be more observant and allows them to study patterns. One of the tenets of mental health is to keep brains healthy and engaged, since gambling is a hobby that cannot be carried out with an idle mind and demands attention, it keeps the brain engaged. Thus, gambling allows its players to improve their mental health. 

  • Improvement of Social Skills. 

Gambling helps with socialization among individuals. Gambling is a form of entertainment that tends to bring like minded and open minded people together. Socialization leads to relaxation which is imperative for stress relief. Gambling activities such as Blackjack and Poker require more than one person per table. The people present at the table can interact with each other and form relationships that they may nurture outside of the casino if they wish. Many recreational gamblers have very frankly spoken about the affection they have for gambling. This affection stems from the fact that gambling allows them to escape from the mundane and the monotonous. It gives them a break from the daily grind and allows them to escape for a few hours from the hustle that dominates their daily routine. 

  • Sharpens the Mind. 

Numerous studies have shown that people who gamble on a daily basis, tend to have sharp minds. While most casino games do focus on providing the customer with a fun experience, they also require the patrons to have a set of special skills in order for them to do well in the games. Blackjack requires players to have a strong short term memory. Gambling constantly stimulates the brain and makes people use all of their concentration in order to gain that coveted upper hand. Texas Hold’Em Poker requires players to constantly and consistently pay attention in order to understand the many intricacies of the game. Gambling has the potential to help old people stimulate their brains and keep their brains active and healthy. This, in turn, keeps them energized. Gambling also sharpens one’s hand and eye coordination.

online slots in Malaysia
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  • Relaxation and Comfort.

Relaxation and comfort are incredibly important factors that are absolutely necessary for one to live a healthy life. Destressing and self care are not a luxury but a necessity at this point. Gambling allows people to alleviate their stress and make a few hundred bucks on the side if lady luck decides to bless their skills. 

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