How Stem Cell Treatment Save A Woman

Stem Cell Theraphy

the simple act of kindness of stem cell donation saved and changed a person’s life. It all started when, Imogen Riddett (who was 16-year old then), eyes and heart were caught by a touching post on her social media account. The post’s story was about how a young boy whose life had been saved by going through stem cell therapy. She was utterly moved by the story, prompted her to know more about it.

There within the post, she discovered a link which is an invitation to the public to join Anthony Nolan charity register—which matches donors with recipients, which prompted Imogen to immediately sign up.

Imogen stated that: “The story made me cry and before i knew i had clicked on the link and registered my details. The whole process took less than 5 minutes,” who works as a complaint handler for a financial company.

They sent her a DNA swab kit via post so that her DNA can put on the charity register. “ I did the test, sent it back and forgot about it” says Imogen.

Three years later, the charity contacted her to inform her that there is a potential match for a recipient that in need of a stem cell transplant. She later then immediately gave her consent to donate and go through with the stem cell transplant procedure.

And through that fateful event, Imogen Riddett saved Claire Daly–thus changing Claire’s life for the better. Not only Imogen saved Claire but they’re now close friends, whose lives connected through stem cells donation. Imogen never thought that such a small gesture would change hers and Claire lives 360 degrees for the better.


As of now, stem cells transplant is being used to treat blood cancer; leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma. In UK there 38,000 cases every year and the standard treatment given are chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

However, 2,000 patients every year receive the chance to beat the cancer is only by stem cells transplant. The stem cells transplant provide high chance of beating blood cancer because the stem cells have the ability to develop into many different types of cells. For a patient suffering from blood cancer—the transplant can help to provide new and healthy blood cells to replace the damaged ones and from there on develop immune system.