Choosing A Web Designer, What You Must Know

So how to pick a web designer.

Set your technology goals.

What do you require from your website?

Do you want to create a “brochure site” with basic information and contact details?

Or do you want to build something specific?

This phase determines the type of Malaysia website designers, developers, or agencies you need to hire. A pure-play web designer rarely works with HTML/CSS, let alone other web languages like Javascript, PHP, etc. Branding, colour palettes, graphics, feel, and user experience are all important to pure-play web designers.


A pure-play web designer generally collaborates with a front-end web developer. The user views and navigates a website’s front-end. A front-end developer understands HTML, CSS, and Javascript, as well as “back-end” technology.


Back-end technology includes databases, scripts, and APIs, as well as ensuring that computers communicate properly. This time around, you’ll likely recruit someone who is knowledgeable about three of them. An agency will have all three.


Also, many designers/developers/agencies work with platforms that include essential functionality. Using these platforms will speed up the process and reduce costs… but also means that the client (you) must be familiar with their tools.


But, most importantly, how much functionality does your site require? This will decide your website designer and how you communicate with them.

However, managing inventory and social interaction may be more difficult with a self-hosted WordPress website. They could also use Shopify to create an ecommerce & social store, but that would limit your content strategy.


Consider a new non-profit site. Do you know how to run a website? Do you require contribution or portal access? Do you need to connect specific profiles?


A web designer might develop a self-hosted WordPress website for a low upfront cost, but it would be difficult to maintain without training. They could also utilise a hosted website builder like Wix or, which would be easier to operate in-house over time.


Now find a designer who is both adaptable and knowledgeable. It’s best to trust someone you trust…but make sure they understand your demands.


Design Needs Defined


What do you envision for your website?


Not everyone knows how difficult it is to turn a nebulous notion into a tangible accomplishment.


Sure, there are terrible designers out there, but the more explicit your design needs are, the better the result.


Draw something – anything – to demonstrate even the simplest direction.


Collect websites you enjoy and write out why. Here are some examples of my round-ups.

Also, keep in mind that you can create design assets and then hire a web designer to turn them into a website design.


Many of my clients hire a photographer and then hire a web designer to construct a site layout around their stunning photographs. I’ve designed sites around clients’ 99designs logos.


I’ve used Fiverr to produce a colour palette, logo, or other graphic design elements.


Some clients utilise Tailor Brands to generate a look that a web developer can insert into a theme or template.

Malaysia website designers

Your requirements will help you find the perfect web designer.



What purpose does your website serve?


This relates to your design and technological needs, but it’s critical to address before defining your budget and scope.


Consider your marketing and consumer acquisition strategies.


Can your website generate leads or sales? Your referrals and salesmen will give it as a brochure… or will your website need to generate fresh leads online?

Will it need to integrate with inventories, bookkeeping, or order-taking? Do you wish to automate your marketing/sales activities online?


Do you want to link existing software suppliers with your website now or in the future?


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