Casino Chip Color Variations

Casino Chips 101: Understanding Color Variations

In Atlantic City, each casino owns a white $1 chip. Consequently, each club utilizes red $5 chips, green $25 chips, pink $2.50 chips and so forth. That’s how rollex casino matters are done in New Jersey, but not in other locations.

In Nevada, you will see a lot of red $5 chips as well as green quarters. However, there is no particular law requiring a specific color be utilized.

30 years ago, you would be able to see $1 chips in yellow, brown, black, gray, blue and even white. Some years prior to that, Eisenhower dollars and silver dollars were used by casinos.

As for bigger denominations, each club can pick the colors that they want. Harrah’s Casinos used white chips until the 1990s. At present, the use white $1 chips. That is more common now, since many casinos are owned by corporations.

There are also casinos which color-code table game signs. Why? So they will match the chip denomination for that table’s minimum bet. Easy, right? That way, all you need to is look at the sign color. Now, majority of the chip colors in most casinos are all the same.

These are the color denominations:

  1. Blue and White Chips – $1
  2. Red Chips (nickels) – $5
  3. Green Chips (quarters) – $25
  4. Black chips – $100
  5. Purple Chips (barneys) – $500
  6. Orange Chips (pumpkins) – $1,000

Why did problems arise?

Casinos use chips of different colors to make it convenient and easy not only for the dealers, but also for the surveillance workers and pit bosses to know how much a specific player is betting. Furthermore, colors make it even more fun for people to collect chips.

Then, during the late 1990s, a Las Vegas casino issued a black $1 chip. This step created a stir among other casinos who have black $100 chips.

Their main concern? Scam artists might use this, and mix them with other legitimate chips. Since it created a substantial outcry, the Las Vegas casino thought of changing it.

Casinos match the chips’ colors with table signs to make it easy to tell its minimum bet. A green sign indicates that the minimum bet of a table is $25. This makes everything convenient for the players.

Some minimum bets do not correspond to some chip colors. These are $15 and $10 games. However, there are casinos in Connecticut that uses orange for $15 tables, and yellow for $10 ones.

Moreover, several casinos may use the same color for all table minimums. The players just need to take note of them before sitting down. Otherwise, just look for the color of your choice. Then, place your bet.

Understanding Roulette Chips

A player can use the same chips utilized on other tables in a Roulette one. This means that you’ll get your own chips with their own denominations.

The standard value? It’s $1. However, you can get anything you want. You just can’t turn them to cash anywhere else but on that table.

Why is there a need to give a player their specific color? Well, they need to know who gets what on every winning number chosen. If you are a roulette player, you will know its importance.