Breakthrough For Heart Disease Cure: Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell

Recently in Britain a stem cell therapy was discovered and it could be the cure for heart disease that we’ve been looking for.

Even though this therapy still in still testing stage, it could be a new breakthrough in medical science and hope for those suffering heart disease. Not only in UK, around the world there are many heart attack survivors are suffering from the consequences of heart failure.

Repeated hospitalisation, breathless, at the risk of subsequent arrhythmia, and sudden cardiac death. All these happened to survivors of heart failure, because after a massive heart attack happened to them, the arteries are blocked which prevented the blood flow to the organ which resulted in tissue and muscle death.

Those are the dire consequences survivors of heart attack have to live with, like a ticking time bomb that could go off at any time. With the discovery of this new stem cell therapy it rekindles hope for many.


Experts of the field claim that the major part of the therapy can done at home, transforming time between major heart attack and the organ recovery to “good as new” being narrowed down to couple of months time.

Right now, according to Dr John Hung, there is a cardiology specialist working on the trials for this stem cell therapy in Edinburgh, this experimental stem cell therapy can cut on the NHS future health care cost for heart failure patients.

This experimental stem cell therapy help to boost the stem cell naturally by releasing huge amount of specific stem cell to repair ruptured muscles and connecting small blood vessels. Whereas, if the body attempted to recover by releasing stem cells into the blood without booster, the amount of cells may not be sufficient to repair the extensive damage.

Field experts claim that if this stem cell therapy treatment becomes a success, this could be the end of the alternative treatment, the open heart transplant and overreliance on drugs such as beta-blockers.

The cost for this treatment is still not determine but experts claim it might less than open heart transplant, which costs around $3000 for admission alone and $10,000 for bypass.