Best Dessert Places in Kuala Lumpur

There is always a place for sweets, no matter how busy you are working in the web design Malaysia company. Is it true that we humans have varied stomachs for desserts? Although diamonds are a girl’s best friend, we recommend deviating from the standard and opting for sweets! Because no one can resist these adorable, gorgeously presented treats that will warm your heart and make you happy. We looked around for the “Best Desserts in KL” list. P.S.: We dare you to not drool.


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  • Jaslyn Cakes

Jaslyn Cakes’ cakes are so wonderful that they sell like hotcakes – the good ones always sell out by the afternoon, so get there early if you have a favourite! There are just two shops in Bangsar and Mont Kiara, both of which are quite small but quite charming and cosy (and smell amazing – with heavenly fragrances of chocolate, honey, and vanilla!). The Pavlova Custard Donuts, as well as Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake, are among our favourite baked goods from the shop.


  • Inside Scoop

The renowned Inside Scoop sits in the centre of the bustling mother area of all cafes and restaurants, attracting its guests and passerby to feast on their exquisite choices of flavoured ice creams and their hot steaming waffles. Their waffles, which range from their traditional buttermilk flavour to special varieties that come in exquisitely once in a while, are truly a treat. Inside Scoop’s Salted Egg Yolk Waffle is an absolute outstanding mostly with bamboo charcoal battered waffle which is prepared to crispy precision and salted egg yolk sauce splashed on top, completely making its eater go bananas, especially when paired with a serving of their Peanut Butter flavoured ice cream.


  • Niko Neko Matcha

Niko Neko Matcha is a modern artisan Matcha business that focuses on giving a wide range of Japanese Matcha for a unique matcha experience. The Concept Store in Chinatown and Bangsar sells matcha powders and tools, as well as matcha drinks and desserts for dine-in or takeaway. The drinks selection includes classic Matcha tea, lattes, and unusual original-craft mocktails for the more daring. The dessert menu includes pastries and desserts created in partnership with their patisserie and bakery partners. Each cup of Matcha is whisked to creamy perfection, and the modern minimalist decor is a statement that promotes uniqueness in all they do. Step inside to discover the one-of-a-kind world of Niko Neko Matcha.


  • Kind Kones

Vegan treats that are delicious… what a time to be alive! Kind Kones is a vegan ice cream shop with locations in Bangsar Village, 1 Mont Kiara, Empire Subang, and Plaza Damansara. They also offer soy-free, nut-free, gluten-free, and keto alternatives. Aside from ice cream, the stores sell delicacies such as a wonderful, semi-sweet purple pecan pie and bliss balls.


  • Foo Foo

One of the sweets in KL that will most likely blow your head in terms of taste. Who does desserts as well as main courses? We’re not sure, but we’ve never had black pepper mango ice cream. It’s intimidating, yet the tastes complement each other surprisingly well. Their balsamic vinegar ice cream is a must-try; it will leave you speechless. Desserts have never been more daring at Foo Foo.

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