6 Ways to Ease Contractions Without Medication

1.Indulge in a gentle massage.

The sense of touch conveys care and reassurance–whether someone is stroking your hair or cheek, holding your hand or patting your shoulder or hand. Have your massage therapist or partner massage you with firm and light strokes using lotion. This will help sooth you.

2.Try acupressure.

After buying baby clothes in Malaysia for your little one, you are probably a bit tired and overwhelmed. At some point, you would also feel contractions. This is the perfect time to explore acupressure. You can use this to ease the pain. Just pinch the fleshy area of your hand, between the index finger and thumb.

3.Choose your medical team thoroughly.

Nurses, partners, physicians and midwives play important roles in your birth team. Select those people who can treat you with the utmost patience and respect. With the right support, you can decrease inhibitions and stress in pregnancy.

4.Learn about labor.

Are you familiar with the different signs of labor? If not, it’s crucial to learn more about it from magazines, books and websites. You can also discuss personally with your health care providers, friends and family members. Familiarize yourself with the customs and procedures involved.

5.Express all your fears.

Are you worried about needles, pain and medicines? Don’t hesitate to speak with a trusted friend, childbirth educator and doctor. Voicing out all your concerns would bring relief. State all your preferences in a so-called birth plan. This can help take away your fears.

6.Take a warm bath or shower.

A warm bath and shower can soothe and relax you. At times, it can even speed up your labor.

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