6 tips for first-time spa-goers

A Short Guide to Spa Etiquette: For First-Time Spa Guest

Are you planning to visit the spa for the first time very soon? While some people go to the spa religiously, others just choose to sleep and relax at home. If you want to experience something new and try unique spa treatments, then read on. You can make the most out of your first-time spa session through these etiquette rules.

Don’t book anything else for the day

As much as possible, transform your “spa session” to a “spa day.” Your spa appointment may only last for 2 hours, but surely, you wouldn’t want to jump right back to your hectic work routine after a short period of relaxation.

Don’t book any other activity on your spa day. Dedicate full 24 hours for relaxation!

Call the spa ahead of time, and inquire about their services.

Do you want to inquire about that spa branch’s services? Plenty of spas post a vast menu of services and thorough descriptions of treatments on their websites. Go through them ahead of time, so you can immediately start your session upon arrival.

If you have further questions about the amenities, treatments and services available, give the spa head a call before visiting.

Talk to your practitioner

Make sure to communicate your condition, feelings and needs to your spa attendant. Your massage therapist, skin care specialist or body worker should know important health conditions or allergies prior to the treatment. Never hesitate to speak up for your designated spa treatment.

Visit the spa early.

Make sure to arrive around 20 to 30 minutes before your appointment. This will give you sufficient time to prepare the necessary paperwork, and have a short tour.

You should know that spas often give special facility tours before the start of their customers’ treatments. This would be an absolute treat for you as a first timer, since you can decide what service you would want to try on your next visit.

Know more about the tipping policy.

Before you plan on giving back to your awesome attendants, ask about the spa’s tipping policy first. Some establishments would be happy to accept gratuities, while others would tell spa guests to stop giving tips.

Hydrate, hydrate and hydrate.


The perfect pre-spa ritual?

Drink lots and lots of water. Whether you’re getting a facial treatment or a body massage, it’s very important to stay hydrated.

Make sure to drink plenty of water before and after your treatment, most especially if you’re getting a deep tissue massage. Lemon water or tea would also help to make the most out of your relaxing spa experience.

Are you excited to book your very first spa appointment? It’s time for a long, amazing self-care moment. Remember, keeping a relaxed body can help you achieve a relaxed, productive mind.

A spa session may cost quite a lot, but trust me, it’s healthy, and should be a regular part of your routine. Do you want to reduce your stress levels? Use all of these mentioned points as guidelines for the most soothing, calming spa day.