5 Best Website Design Tips for the Beginners

Website design has come a long way. We used to have websites that have a lot of graphical elements on the homepage but now, we are more accustomed to having a simpler interface.

So, what are the best things a beginner website designer should do? Here are some tips that are approved by the best web design company:

Start with A Content Management System

A content management system is essentially a website builder for beginners. A popular platform would be Wordpress and it is quite easy to set up. What’s good about this platform is that it has extensive plugins that you can use to increase the functionality of your website. Plus, it is easy to create articles for your web page as well.

Choose an Appropriate Theme

Your website creation needs to start off with a theme. Thankfully, Wordpress allows you to choose your themes from a plethora of options.

Be sure to select a theme that directly resembles your brand. Also, it is best that you choose one that is pleasing to the eyes.

Keep Your Navigation as Simple as It Can Be

As previously stated, more and more people love a cleaner interface now. Therefore, it is your job to keep a clean homepage to promote a simpler navigation of your site.

For your main page, you could have a horizontal menu bar that is filled with important links to your other pages. For the mobile design, you could use hamburger menus instead for a cleaner, more efficient look.

Never Forget Your Content

Content, as you might not know, is part of website design. It is so important that it may be the only reason why people go to your website in the first place.

Therefore, it is of great importance that you create content that people will enjoy. You could make “How-to” articles or guides and make sure that you select a font that is easy to read.

Moreover, add images and videos as well to help explain your content better. And while you’re at it, make sure that the content structure is organized so that your audience will have a pleasant time reading your site’s content.

Make it Adaptable

Believe it or not, more people are accessing websites through their smartphones, which means that they’re using devices with a smaller screen.

To cater to your mobile audience, your website has to have a responsive design. This design scheme makes it so that your pages can be viewed optimally no matter the screen resolution.

A push for more mobile design is actually a good thing since search engines are more likely going to favor websites with a responsive design.


As a beginner, you should always keep in mind that websites nowadays should be as simple as possible. Create a cleaner homepage, make use of a content management system like Wordpress, choosing the appropriate theme that is pleasing to the eyes, and make sure that your content is interesting so that people will be coming back for more.