5 Amazing Ways To Make Money Online in Malaysia

1.Be an affiliate marketer.

Are you thinking of setting up an affiliate marketing business in Malaysia? That is an excellent idea. You can earn a big amount of money as an affiliate marketer. Affiliate marketing is the number one income stream of many bloggers. Basically, it means promoting the services and products of other businesses, with the hope that your readers would purchase them using the affiliate link that you have included in the post.

2.Monetize your blog through Google AdSense.

Many people maintain blogs as a hobby, while others are wise and passionate enough to monetize it. Blogging is a good source of income not only for people in Malaysia, but in other parts of the world. Google AdSense is a popular advertising program. It helps bloggers put ads on their pages, and earn from every visitor’s click on the ads.

3.Sell ebooks.

If you are a good writer, you may want to look into writing and selling ebooks. It wouldn’t take that much effort and time to publish one. Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing is a top publisher that pays 70% or 35% commission, depending on where the buyer is located.

4.Consider data entry jobs.

Not all of us are good writers. If you are looking for a freelance job but are not blessed with writing skills, data entry is one thing you can consider. It is one of the easiest jobs online, since an employer pays you just to key in data into a specific excel file or database. It’s just a “copy and paste job.”

5.Be a vlogger.

Do you love creating videos? Shooting and editing videos can be challenging, so a lot of passion and hard work are required if you want to be a successful video blogger. From uploading videos on YouTube, you can earn through sponsorship or ads.

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