3 NFT Marketplaces in Malaysia

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are known as crypto arts. As cryptocurrencies emerged, the digital world has grown and NFT has taken its place in the industry as well. Creators and artists are seeing this as an opportunity to contribute their art to the mix and join the market. Malaysian artists are not far behind in this community; various NFT projects are being made in Malaysia. 


The local NFT scene has become acquainted with NFT technology; such as metaverse and blockchain. Pushing the boundaries between the physical and virtual world, it is common now for new NFT projects to feature collaboration by small and big brands as well as artists. Notable NFT projects that are well-known currently are Metaverse Marvels Tarot, Apes R Us, Global Citizen Club (GCC), and 8sian.

NFT marketplace is the place where people can buy and sell NFTs on a certain platform. OpenSea, Crypto.com, Rarible, and Binance are some of the well-known NFT marketplaces. Need a place to buy and sell NFTs? Read more for more info on nft marketing services malaysia and NFT marketplaces here.


One of the most well-known NFT marketplaces, Pentas.io reached 150K transactions in just 6 months. 

PENTAS includes all types of art styles and photography. Hence, not only cultural and NFTs can be sold there. They operate on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and utilise Binance cryptocurrency, BNB which is considered cheap despite not being commonly used. 

Top artists on PENTAS include badape, Rich Cats Nation, RoachPunks, and PandaPunkNFT. To make sure that none of these artists’ arts are impersonated or stolen, their accounts are verified. The platform also provides a full verification process so artists can get their accounts verified. 


NFT.my is a collaboration between punks.my and NFXT community. Their goal is to create and provide a platform where it is easy to buy and sell NFT utilising BSC. a site that gives back to their artists, the site pays royalties to them on every transaction of their work. 

But, there are only 20 minted NFTs on this site. Most minted artwork is placed at PENTAS due to it being an aggregator for Malaysians’ NFT. 

NFT.my also provides a Shill Zone where people can promote their NFTs and help NFT artists find buyers. 


NFTapir refers to themselves as “Malaysia’s first curated NFT Marketplace”. Their goal is to create and support the Malaysian artists’ ecosystems. The NFTs on this site are inspired by local structures and locations, further displaying Malaysia’s culture and heritage. 

NFTapir utilises Polygon blockchain and they offer true gas-free minting. The gas free is around $0.01; hence, the platform uses all the fees to mint the NFT and then pass the NFT to the creator’s wallet. 

The platform uses “Phygital” system; therefore, the NFTapir turns physical art into digital and then turn it into NFTs. From this process, NFT collectors are able to obtain palpable art pieces and the NFT. Most artists on NFTapir deal with physical art. Featured artists include Chenyi, Lok Kerk Hwang, and Alex Leong.

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