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The Weird Side Of Japan: 4 Weird Things In Japan

The Weird Side Of Japan: 4 Weird Things In Japan

We have heard and seen much about Japan advance technologies; robots as shops or cafes’ vendors, then there’s their unmatched politeness, or the famous Akihabara as a shopping for gunpla and anime merchandise (prepare red cargo malaysia services to carry the suffs you going to shop). Oh and lastly, let’s not forget their work ethics—a bunch of super hard working humans, going home early is considered as a cheeky and rude behavior in Japan. But they also have a bizarre side too, quite infamous too because it is completely on a different level of bizarre. It is so bizarre it’ll make you feel like you just got transported to another world. So now we are going take a look 4 weird things in Japan, we list 4 most weird things (of course there many more, but we can’t fit all here).

SOINE-YA a.k.a Cuddle Cafe

If you think maid cafe are weird, wait until you know about this one. Yes, as it name suggests, it is literally a cafe that lets you cuddle with a girl wearing maid dress (or whatever costume they’re wearing). It is very popular among single young men in Japan, they’ll come to this cafe and spend their hard-earned money to lie down in bed with a girl for an hour or two. They are allowed to chat with the girl, but if they want lay on the girl’s lap or stroke her hairs or cheeks, they have to pay extra…..it is pretty much a prostitution that doesn’t involve steamy endings.

Sexy Anime Girls….Like Everywhere

From promoting computer software and hardware down right to soft drinks and ice creams, skimpy and sexy anime girls dominated the billboards and televisions ads. This probably has something to do with the strict Japanese decency laws, hence advertisers found another solution and they decided to be super creative with it, if you see some of the ads there….you might feel weirded out, especially when you are not a fan of anime.

 Karoshi, Translation: Death From Overwork

Yeah, the whole world knows and have heard how hard working Japanese folks can be, but do you know there’s a dire consequence to that? Due to overworking, stress, lack of sleep and rest. excessive drinking and poor nutrition has caused these workers to drop dead at their workplaces, yes, in their office. This is not an uncommon thing in Japan, but rather common.

Aokigahara (The Suicide Forest)

Not Japan. but the world this forest is infamous because it has become the place for Japanese people to commit suicide, the Japanese government refuse to state  new statistics for all suicide cases but i’m pretty sure the figure is quite staggering. Aokigahara has more suicide case than any other places in the world, placing it on top of San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge. Though the forest itself already has notorious legend among local folks as a place where evil spirits and demons linger.

Country Of Vending Machines

There is no other country in this has more vending machines than Japan, almost everything (literally) can be buy from vending machines—just name it; condoms, eggs, umbrella, underpants, sex toys (yes, you buy it from vending machines), freshly cooked meals, socks and more.