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The 10 Best Street Foods Around Europe

The 10 Best Street Foods Around Europe

If you’re planning to do backpack travelling in Europe soon, you might want to stick around and scroll down this article until the end because we’re going to tip you off the locations for tastiest street foods, that not only nice on your tastebuds but on your wallet as well.

Hey, just because you want to eat something nice it doesn’t mean you have to those exorbitant prices set in those fine “avant-garde” restaurants, sometimes the tastiest foods are from the trucks and stalls, and the price tag on them are wallet friendly too.

With information received from their fellow foodies, our food hunters decided to go out on a hunt for street foods around Europe and try every street food joints on the list (before they finally fell into food coma for few hours) then rounding them up to the best 10 street food joint around Europe. The street food joint that takes the crown is Mexican street food joint, their foods are as happening, choke full of things, and as festive looking as their festivals.

  1. Hija De Sanchez’s

Location: Copenhagen

If you’re looking something meaty and full of taste, you might want to drop a visit here. The foods are just marvelous.


  1. Sea Me At Time Out Market

Location: Lisbon

Craving for some seafood goodness? Head down to Sea Me and you’d be swimming with Japanese/Portuguese fusion fishes.


  1. Alain Miam Miam

Location: Paris

If you want to experience the true meaning of over the top food, visit them. You’d be getting a very happening and festive toppings.


  1. AmsterDAM Good Cookies

Location Amsterdam (Duh, it’s in the name)

Looking for something sweet to nestle in your tastebuds? Then,  try these gooey and dripping stroopwaffles, you’d be wanting for more.


  1. Mordi e Vai


Well, since you’re already in Europe, why not have a taste on some of the good old school Italian dish here?


  1. Bone. Berlin 

Location: Berlin (Yup, it’s in Berlin, so pat yourself on the back)

Wanting something exciting, new and out of norm (foods, we meant foods) you’re going to love this then


  1. Aleppo Bahebek

Location: Oslo

Try out some of Syrian goodness at Aleppo Bahebek, their dishes really have a lot going on.


  1. Langos Mashogy

Location: Budapest

Try it the Hungarian delicious flat breads with their scrummy and yummy fillings.


  1. Gunter’s Kovar Kiosk 

Location: Stockholm

If you’re a man of hot dogs, you’d be wanting to drop here and feast the 25 varieties of hot dogs with topping galore.


  1.  Yum Buns

Location: London

Bite on these fluffy asian buns with fillings inspire by other cuisines from around the globe.