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Mood Board Give Designers These 10 Benefits

Mood Board Give Designers These 10 Benefits

Mood Board Give Designers These 10 Benefits

It is a norm for web designers in a design agency when they accepted a new web design project they will be swarmed with tons of ideas and inspirations for the project. This swarm of ideas and inspirations can be a trouble if it’s not properly managed, especially when it comes to web designing there are procedures must be followed to ensure the work progress is smooth.

Swarm of ideas and inspirations can be bad when some of them are redundant, so it is important to get rid of them and using mood boarding is the way to do it. But you’re not familiar with using mood board, then don’t worry. This article be able to help you get the ideas for mood boarding.

Web design itself already time consuming, and mood boarding is no less time consuming. So how can mood boarding can be completed when it as just time consuming? Don’t worry, this article is aimed to help shorten time required to complete it by providing thorough information.

Why Mood Boarding Though?

Many web designers in web design company question the effective of mood boarding and for using it. With mood boarding you’ll be able to ascertain what’s the complete experience of the site would be like. Mood boarding also will help with get rid of the useless redundant stuffs, and this saves you quality time by much. It is actually a good thing to at least create a mood board to help address important issues in the early stages.

Mood boarding is the means to help you get organize and make thoughtful planning for your designing work. When you know what mood to expect and narrow down which design will be used to translate the mood will save you a lot of time. This especially if the case where you have had spent hours in Photoshop designing but only to be refused when it is done. Isn’t that just frustrating? So mood board should able to help make careful planning on what design should you do.

But How Can A Mood Board Help Out Web Designers?

  • Helps convey the message and creative ideas
  • Displays proper picture to give you the idea on how the website will look like once completed and before starting the project.
  • With everything organized on mood board, it’ll help you save time rechecking for issues since everything is well organized. These arising issues tend to be due to miscommunication, but with everything in place and recorded on mood board such issues may be prevented.
  • You’ll be able to establish the theme for a website right from the begining.

What Are Needed In A Mood Board?

You have to firstly, of course, select a style that is suitable with the website you are working on. There are no specific things to be put into a mood board, but there’s one thing you must always include in; your client personality, the mood the client wants to have. Then, your work progress/routine and most importantly, the due date for the project. This should help keep track of things and set your work pace.

Website Layout

One of the main purpose of a mood board is to help you get the clear picture of what the website layout look like. You should add wireframes, homepage design, design for subsequent page and most importantly, the color scales. But don’t crammed to many information into it, else it’ll get messy. Especially if you’re designing an e-commerce website. 

Color Schemes

Add color schemes into the mood board. Try to level the color schemes your best, but prioritize color schemes preferred by your client. But like i said prioritize, so it doesn’t mean you can’t add any of your own color scheme.


If you get your design ideas from other website make sure to include notes why you find the website is inspirational. And be sure to define how can you successfully incorporate some elements from the inspirational website to the project you’re working on.


Don’t afraid to play around with textures, whether it’s hand drawn or digital. Both will add and bring consistency to websites. When you choose a texture make sure it compliments the website theme.

Photography And Still Images

These two elements can add a lot to your mood board as it helps to reveal mood and theme of the website. Some clients will provide the still images for you or you can scour the Internet or go out there and explore then take some photos.

Multiple Mood Boards

If you have enough time on your hands and flooded with design ideas (same theme, different design and color schemes). If it does occur to you, then you might want to consider of having more than one mood board. Though make sure you have a list defining different perspective for different mood boards. When you have multiple mood boards you’ll be able to present the various themes, design ideas in your head.

Creating Mood Boards

You have two options; physical mood board or digital mood board. Both have their own advantages. A physical mood board can and will have larger impact compared to the digital one, because physical contents has more pop. Meanwhile, a digital mood board is not as time consuming as the physical one.

For the digital mood board, there are many tools and apps help you to create mood boards. For example, Evernote, it makes clipping and pasting work easy for you. There are lots of apps that can help you make a digital mood board, just explore and you’ll find it.

Life Of A Web Designer In Web Designing World

Things won’t always go our way, sometimes they’re heading the wrong right from the start and at the same time you have other things to wrestle. Creating mood board should help you to plan in a more organized manner.