5 Most “Interesting” Hotels Around The World

Hotels, a place for travelers to rest their weary bones for the night or a retreat from hustle and bustle of city life, though these five hotel in this list are a whole different story because instead of granting peaceful rest you’ll have a rather….thrilling experience, especially at night time. What kind of thrilling experience? The otherworldly kind. So if you’re planning to stay at one the hotels below, we suggest not to have a whole red cargo container of stuffs, instead travel lightly because it’ll make things easier for you when you decided to bolt out of the hotel.

5. Queen Anne Hotel, San Francisco

Before it was a hotel, the building was originally used as finishing school for girls back in 1890. Now it became one of most renowned hotel in the States, not only because unique and antique interior design, but also for its long time “resident” in the room 401. It is said that the spirit of the school headmistress lingers around till this day in room 401; unpack guests’ suitcases, and covered them up at night. So if you’re a lonely backpacker and need a unique company, this hotel is probably suits for you then.

 4. Dauphine Orleans Hotel, New Orleans

New Orleans, the birthplace of jazz or so they say but also home to one Dauphine Orleans Hotel, notorious for the spooky and creepy spirits hang around the place.  This lovely and haunted hotel located just a wee way from Bourbon Street, a hot spot for the historic bars, jazz, and burlesque clubs. Though the more interesting things happen around and in the hotel, where visitors of hotel have reportedly saw all sorts of ghostly apparitions; an apparition of a courtesan, or a civil war soldier wandering around.

3. The Langham Hotel, London

If you seek creepier companionship for the night, Langham Hotel in London is the right place for such thing. Most of the ghosts or spirit apparitions people encountered—well, often appeared with appearance that suggest they were involved in an unfortunate and gruesome incident which lead to their demise. For example, guests of the hotel reportedly seen an apparition of a man with deep and nasty wound on his face wandering around the hotel.

2. The Red Lion Inn, Stockbridge, Massachusetts

From the exterior looks of this place, it seems like every cozy and comfy inn….that is until you spend a night or two there. Guests say this little harmless looking inn is actually haunted, and that draw the attentions of spirit mediums and paranormal investigators. Both concluded most of haunting and paranormal activities happen on the fourth floor of this hotel

1. Hanover Inn Dartmouth, Hanover, New Hampshire

This inn is pretty much like a gateway to Stranger Things‘ Upside Down because the inn’s guests reported and allegedly found themselves transported to a different room and space while doing their laundry in the basement. They taken to a room fill with fraternity brothers and their dates, all wearing tuxedos and dresses. It is claimed the frat brothers apparition are related with the nine fraternity brothers that perished on the property and it seems their spirits are bounded to the place.