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5 Dressing Up For Success Tips For Women

5 Dressing Up For Success Tips For Women

What does it mean to be stylish? Is it to wear branded and expensive clothing or simply how you piece it all together?

The meaning for the term differs from one person to another; to some it is stylish when you are wearing an excellent style profile that was carefully thought up and in trend, or to another is to wear something that will hold yourself in sophisticated manner is stylish and fashionable. It is subjective and has no exact definition to the matter. But there is one thing that is definite about style—it says much about one person’s personality to another and differentiate between the ones wear clothes only simply to cover up their bodies with the ones wear to make a statement about themselves.

Though there’s one problem plaguing women, no matter the religion or race; they are guilty of hording clothes. Just go and take a look any women wardrobe, you’ll find a plethora of dresses, skirts, scarfs, and whatever else they have in there. This actually causes more problem because they just can’t seem to decide on what to wear, this especially frustrating when dressing up for work.

That why we have listed these 5 tips to help you dress up for success.

Get Rid Off Old Stuffs!

If you’ve been reading and keep up with the fashion world, you would know that nowadays less is more. So get rid off old and unnecessary clothes in your wardrobe, let some fresh air and ideas into the wardrobe.

Take a look at what you have and think on what kind of person you really are to get an idea for what kind of look you should go with, and to help you purge unnecessary clothes from your wardrobe.

Plan Your Shopping Or At Least Have An Idea What You Want To Wear

Whatever event it is, it’ll be the perfect occasion to show your fashion and style prowess as well as making a statement of who you are. So put that at the top of your mind when next you go out shopping for your clothes. This not only helps you imagine and set the style you want, also eliminates unnecessary spending. But to get the more accurate and proper look, you should think of hairstyle, makeup accessories and shoes to with before hand aside from the attire.

Take Care Of Your Cashmere

Cashmere is not a cheap fabric, so you’d be wanting to take a very good care of it to avoid yourself from spending unnecessarily. Now, you need to have knowledge and a pair of sharp and discerning eyes so that you know how to differentiate between low quality and high quality cashmere. So, here’s a tip—trying pulling the cashmere, see if it pulls back, if it does meaning it is of the superior quality but if it doesn’t it is of the low quality. Another tip is to wash cold and by hand only, do these and your cashmere will have a prolong life.

Heels And Heels

Beauty is pain they say and this is very true when comes to a pair of heels. You trade comfort for svelte, sultry and elegant look, seems like a good trade off, right? Though there are a few ways actually for you to not sacrifice your comfort, and that is by breaking in the heels. You can put the pair of heels in a water-filled bag then put in the freezer for an overnight to stretch it, so that when put them on it won’t constrain your feet and lets you rock it at office or any events without feeling uncomfortable.

The Rule Of Thumb For Showing Skin

Now, every women should know how to properly show some of their skin without looking trashy and slutty. So what we women should is to show just enough skin to spark some imagination and curiosity in onlookers. How to do this? Well, if you’re already showing a fair amount of skin of your bosoms, then it will be a very bad idea to pair a short or mini skirt that rides up to your thigh which will make you look slutty and trashy. So if you dressing for an occasion or to the office and wants to look sophisticated and sultry, try donning a off shoulder long dress and paired it up with heels instead of a shirt and a mini skirt. But if you’re the type wants more freedom for your legs, you can consider donning a medium length one-piece dress which will still make you look elegant and sultry, not trashy.