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3 Hairdressing Tips For Men By Expert London Barbers

3 Hairdressing Tips For Men By Expert London Barbers

Our team of experts from a gentlemen’s barbershop would like to share tips on how to get exactly the hairstyles you want, advise on the styles that suit your hair, or what type of hairstyles that would suit you; if you’re always on the go and sporty type, we would suggest you to go with the one has low maintenance. Our experts would advise you on what and which hair products you should use in order to maintain your hair in tip top condition.

You either fancy a complete change of hairstyle or you already know what’s the look you want and maintain, whatever your choice is, we would advise and tip you about it. So here some of the tips our experts would like to share.

1-Bring a photo of you with the hairstyle you want and show it to the barber, tell them that your hair done just like in the photo. Be warned though, the end result may not be 100% similar due to different in texture, growth pattern etc. If the barber find the style not suitable for you, they’ll advise you on it and suggest styles that suit you and your face shape.

2-If you want to get the same haircut as last time, just tell the barber how many weeks it has been since your last hair was cut. This will help the barber get the idea of how much to cut off. Or if you have idea what kind of cut or what to change, tell the barber–for example, the bangs were a bit too long or the side was shaved too short etc. Let them know about it, tell them about what you don’t like your hair, what kind of hairstyle you often do, and what hair products you use in styling your hair. Also, if you have some scars around your forehead or other area of your head that you want to hide, tell the barber.

3-Satisfied and happy with the advises and consultations you received? Then get the name of the barber. Make the barber your regular because a barber that is used to cutting your hair can help you find the right style and offer advice on how to maintain your hairstyle and when you should get a haircut in order to maintain your hairstyle.



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